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BARANSKI Door Company

has been producing high quality woodwork products for over 30 years now. For several years we have been specializing in external and internal woodwork of doors for ats, houses, apartments, monuments, offces, public and tourist utilities as well as hotels.

Doors of new opportunities...

We produce doors available in our standard o er as well as unique ones designed by our clients and professionals. We offer external woodwork of diverse construction and the door wings can be 68 mm to 105 mm thick with the U-value U=1,3; 1,0; 0,85; 0,54. Due to speci c character of our work and individuality, our woodwork is produced upon request.

The woodwork products are divided into various production lines of traditional and modern patterns. Our latest achievement is the external energy-e cient door 78 mm wide with U-value = 0.85 and 105 mm wide with U-value 0,54. All our products are certi ed and carry the CE mark.

We manufacture also 46 mm thick internal doors as well as 55 mm thick entrance doors.

The door production is based on wooden mixture glued in multi-layers as well as plywood and veneer of pine, ash, and oak wood in various wood paints: natural, transparent or covered with so called RAL range of colours with glass, Inox, laminate nishes from quartz sinters. We run our production lines for laminated doors with high quality PVC film. Our wide range of accessories enables us to tailor the final effect precisely to the needs of our clients. Adjustable wooden and steel frames allow our products to be used for many purposes, therefore proving its versatility. Our o er is enriched with entrance doors with strengthened construction and anti-theft locks along with re-resistant door of EI30 and EI60 resistance standards to satisfy special needs.

The internal doors are painted with so called IRURENA.

The external doors are painted with so called TEKNOS.

Since we regularly meet individual requirements and needs of our clients, we believe in our company slogan, namely: the doors of new possibilities...


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Investment and export contact:

Door manufacturer „Barański” Sp. J. Ignacy Barański and Zbigniew Barański

Babięty Wielkie 54, PL 14-240 Susz, woj. warmińsko-mazurskie, tel. +48 55 278 05 40